The good news is I've completed the third book of the Bloodlines series: Embrace.

The bad news is my submission deadline is looming already for my next book.

Luckily, I enjoy rewriting the Were Chronicles books so much that I don't mind not having a breather.

So what changes can you expect?

More back story for the other characters Kyle and Todd. This is the book that Kurt and Clint show up on in and the mystery behind them deepens.

The Pack world building is more detailed and smooth.

Plus Mike and Becca- their romance has been rewritten. With the revamps comes Mike and Becca meeting before hand. They shared one steamy night together... oh boy!

With an additional 25,000 words Pack Daughter is sure to tantalize the senses.

Coming May 2018

I'm super excited to share with you my newest cover!

Embrace is the 3rd book of the Bloodlines series.

Just when Kieran thinks things are settling down fate throws a curve ball in his way.

Full of action, adventure, mystery, and romance Embrace is a great addition to the series!

Coming Jan 2018- Embrace!

What's in store for the future?

Exciting News!

It's been in planning mode for awhile but I'm proud to announce that 2018 will have me jumping into self publishing.

With recent changes affecting the publishing industry I'm hopeful that I can navigate this new world and bring you high quality, amazing, deep, and fun new books. In addition to self publishing I'll also be expanding my genres. Yes, I'll still write paranormal romance but you'll see some contemporary mysteries and young adult as well.

With publications being pushed back (sorry folks it's out of my hands) I'm determined to keep publishing 5-6 books a year. The only way I'll be able to continue that is by finally going through with my self publishing plans!

You'll notice some of the books scheduled for release at the end of 2017 have moved to 2018. Again, I'm sorry. I know several of you were already marking your calendars. It's disappointing for me as well. However, with change come opportunity so I hope you'll be by side for this next part of my career.

Two more shows left in 2017!

If you can't come out this month and see me at the Permian Basin Fair & Expo there will be two more events in 2017.

In October I'll be attending the San Angelo Comic Con in San Angelo, Texas. November takes me to Abilene Texas to the Key City Comic Con.

More Books!

After I finish Pack Daughter I'll be jumping right over to another revamp Pack Hunter. Then we'll return to the Shifter Chronicles. I love the new town and cast of characters. This is sure to be a fun time!

Don't forget!

You can purchase my print books from my Etsy shop. Not only will I personalize each one but you can by in bundles saving money from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. You can visit my Etsy shop: Here


Book six in the Were Chronicles series – newly edited and expanded version!

A Pack divided…brought together by love.

Nikki Stratton returns to her Pack to find it split in half between the new Alpha and the older members of the Pack. Worse, there is talk about her oldest brother challenging for the Alpha position.

Taking matters into her own hands when no one else can come up with any ideas, she meets with the Alpha’s brother, RJ. She just had no idea they would end up hot, naked and sweaty.

RJ Cross supports his brother one hundred percent, so when Nikki contacts him to find a solution to the Pack problems, he’s relieved. He might even be able to come up with some decent ideas—if he can keep his hands off her long enough.

As final preparations start for taking the shifter world public, Nikki and RJ must use everything at their disposal to bring their Pack together—and hopefully get their happily ever after.

New Release Notification!

The revamp for Pack Mates: Were Chronicles Book 6 is now avaialable! This release continues the other novella turned novels project for the series the The Were Chronicles.


Current in WIP! Pack Daughter revamp

Come see me and pick up a book!

This month I'll be joing the arts & craft division in Barn G at the Permian Basin Fair & Expo.

The fair runs from Sept 8-16th.

I'll have my print books available for purchase as well as running a raffle for a free ebook.

Lots of fun is panned for this event and I'd love to see you there.

Visit the website (here) for more information on the venue.

What's Happening in September 2017?