What's in store for the future?

More Releases coming soon! I've gotten my release schedule for 2018 and it is looking good. Along with my Totally Bound series you'll see more from me with my self published books coming soon.

Make sure to get caught up on the Were Chronicles series!

Book Seven Pack Daughter is coming in January.

I'm writing! You shouldn't be too surprised but I wanted to let you know that I am working on the next (and final) book in the Shifter Chronicles.

You'll remember Trent from book 6: Lion's Claim.

Keep an eye out for his story coming soon!

Exciting News!

It's been in planning mode for awhile but I'm proud to announce that 2018 will have me jumping into self publishing.

With recent changes affecting the publishing industry I'm hopeful that I can navigate this new world and bring you high quality, amazing, deep, and fun new books. In addition to self publishing I'll also be expanding my genres. Yes, I'll still write paranormal romance but you'll see some contemporary mysteries and young adult as well.


Embrace who he is... or lose everything.

Six weeks ago, Kieran Smith learned that his DNA had been altered during his time as a captive to the shifters. Kieran has always known he’s a powerful Day Walker, but he’s having trouble dealing with the fact that even to other Walkers, he’s a freak.

Just when he thinks things are finally settling down, Kieran learns that fate isn’t done messing with him. His lover, Dakota, saves three teenage shifters who need more help than he and Dakota can give. Not everyone has recovered from dealing with the shifters responsible for Kieran’s and others’ years of torture, and now two strange Day Walkers have come to town, attacking the local Pack and causing trouble.

It doesn’t take long for Kieran and his friends to realize that the two Walkers have a connection to Kieran. A deep bond that is going to change everything.

Kieran is either going to have to embrace his unique gifts and the things done to him or lose everyone he cares about. He won’t be able to hide anything any longer as his past collides with his future…


Bloodlines Book 3: Embrace is available December 5th!

Catch up with Kieran, Dakota, Remy, and all your favorite characters as we follow the path that Kieran's unusual antics takes him. It's sure to be a bumpy ride!

January 2018

What's Happening in December 2017?

Christmas Specials!!!!

To show my appreciation for all my readers I am having an awesome sale at my Etsy shop for the month of December!

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Coming Soon!

You can catch up with the 2017 & 2018 release schedule on the Coming Soon page which has now been updated!