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Book4: TBD


                                      Embrace who he is... or lose everything.

Six weeks ago, Kieran Smith learned that his DNA had been altered during his time as a captive to the shifters. Kieran has always known he’s a powerful Day Walker, but he’s having trouble dealing with the fact that even to other Walkers, he’s a freak.

Just when he thinks things are finally settling down, Kieran learns that fate isn’t done messing with him. His lover, Dakota, saves three teenage shifters who need more help than he and Dakota can give. Not everyone has recovered from dealing with the shifters responsible for Kieran’s and others’ years of torture, and now two strange Day Walkers have come to town, attacking the local Pack and causing trouble.

It doesn’t take long for Kieran and his friends to realize that the two Walkers have a connection to Kieran. A deep bond that is going to change everything.

Kieran is either going to have to embrace his unique gifts and the things done to him or lose everyone he cares about. He won’t be able to hide anything any longer as his past collides with his future…

If trouble doesn't come to him, he'll find it on his own.

Deep in the shadows, an agency only known as the Organization works at keeping both human and supernatural innocents safe. The agents are chosen by their bloodline, descendants of the very first families who began to watch over the world. Humans, shifters and Day Walkers have teamed up to fight for the safety and lives of people who will never even know they exist.

In the city of Las Vegas there’s a battle going on between good and evil, and the fate of all the residents rests in the hands of a select group of agents.

These agents must overcome their own tragic pasts and confusing circumstances to save those they’ve sworn to protect. If they can make it out of this war alive they might just find their happily ever after along the way. 

It’s been a month since Kieran Smith and his partner have been reassigned to the Organization office in Las Vegas. During that time his boss has left to go on a secret mission, he’s bonding with an old friend, and falling in love with a shifter.

Kieran’s not sure where all the changes in his life or coming from but he’s doing his best to deal with them.

When his past comes back to haunt him Kieran feels himself losing control. He’s been accused of being crazy and if things keep going the way they are he just might prove everyone right.

Shifters are going missing around the city and Dakota fears that the same group responsible for kidnapping and torturing Kieran for ten years is behind it. When the mastermind is uncovered and Kieran is once again in danger Dakota vows to protect him at all costs. She never expected to have to worry about losing control of her jaguar though.

The Day Walkers, shifters, and human band together for survival and not all of them are going to make it out untouched by the events that are about to enfold.

Dangerous, scary, crazy… Kieran Smith has been called a lot of things in his time and most of them are true. He respects few, trusts even fewer and barely tolerates everyone else. When Kieran is sent on an unwanted vacation to the city of Las Vegas, he goes looking for trouble just to prove a point. Little does he know that one night is going to set in motion a chain of events that will change his entire life.

Dakota Reese is a third-generation Organization agent. When she meets Kieran, the first Day Walker she’s encountered, she is both intrigued and excited. She even finds his snark and sarcasm sexy. When she has the opportunity to get to know him better, it’s obvious that Kieran has been tormented by shifters in his past. As much as she wants him, Dakota isn’t sure that Kieran can see past the fact that she’s a jaguar shifter.

As Kieran finds himself falling for the sweet yet tough shifter, a ghost from his past comes back to haunt him. His boss is up to something as well and his partner is keeping secrets. He might be on vacation but Kieran isn’t getting any rest.

With suspicion and tensions running high, Kieran must figure out who he can trust before he really does go crazy.

Learning to take control might drive them all crazy.